Hidden Treasures

Seek & You Shall Find

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Hidden Treasures, Seek & You Shall Find is a campaign that focuses on answering the all important question... How can we encourage the UK population to engage more with the 2,500 museums right on their doorstep? By playing on the psychology of a person’s innate need to collect, Hidden Treasures unites museums by swapping their traditional entry tickets for collectable, illustrated Treasure Cards. These cards can be collected both physically and digitally. Using AR technology to bring the illustrations to life, users must seek out artefacts in each museum to unlock these experiences. The campaign is expansive, employing a diverse range of touchpoints to engage with audiences of all ages. From printed posters and books to a functional campaign website, Hidden Treasures gives a voice to even the smallest of museums, highlighting that they are an integral part of the UK’s infrastructure.

Live Website

Collaboration with Rachel Cottrell, Lara Mortimer, Anna Taganova
Live YCN Brief by ArtFund_
Voiceover by: Mark Chivers


Art Direction
‍Augmented Reality
Website Design

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