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High-end spirit investments have outperformed gold and the S&P 500. To preserve its value, the bottle must remain untouched and stored in a controlled environment, often never seen by the owner. In the digital age, NFTs have revolutionised investing, surpassing a market value of £30 billion. 

In 1909, Chivas Regal pioneered luxury blended Whisky. Synthesis reinvents its fundamental ethos of experimentation. Starting with the iconic silhouette of Chivas, 1909 AI-generated NFTs formed by a myriad of blended images will be launched on 19/09/22 on the microsite. Customers can mint their own pieces using keywords of personal significance. Once all the pieces are created the customers, can buy sell and trade their pieces with other collectors.

Synthesis by Chivas, for the Crypto Connoisseurs.

Collaboration with Rachel Cottrell


Art Direction
‍Web Design

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